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Info On The Various Motorcycles Used By American

The use of motorcycles in the military goes back to before World War 2. Motorcycles have been used for administration / communication tasks such as the transfer of orders across the battlefield, for scouting / screening operations for larger vehicle formations, as a reconnaissance platform and as transport for special operations units.
Even though, in some cases, the 2-wheeled motorcycle has been usurped by the 4x4 quad-bikes, or all-terrain vehicles (ATV), the are still employed by U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF).
Special Operations

Common features of U.S. SOF motorbikes include infrared headlights and brackets for holding the rider's personal weapon. Many are modified in order to decrease the motorcycle's signature such as being painted in infrared camoflague coatings or fitted with run-quiet mufflers.
Info On The Various Motorcycles Used By American

This article features images and info on the various motorcycle employed by U.S. special operations forces.
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